Portable Office Trailer

When you need a jobsite trailer or instant office space, what could be faster and easier than having a portable office trailer delivered right to your site?

In nearly every industry – construction, commercial, industrial, institutional, hospitality, healthcare, government – there is a need for more space from time to time, but budgets and deadlines can be tight. Portable trailers provide a quick solution at a fraction of the cost of any other option. They can be used anywhere you need temporary space, but can also be used as a long-term solution.

“Ready-to-roll” office trailers are ideal for:

  • Construction jobsite offices
  • Administrative offices
  • Mobile or temporary sales offices
  • Field offices or labs
  • Swing space
  • Security offices
  • Temporary teaching space
  • Training offices
  • Media centers
  • Lounges or dining facilities
  • Plant shutdowns
  • Special events

Factory-made modules are designed, engineered, fabricated and transported to your site for assembly to create the space you need in a very short time. Any required foundations and site preparation (e.g., utilities, if any) can be done while the modules are being built to save time and meet your occupancy deadlines.

Portable Office Trailer

Studies indicate that 80% of job-sites are not ready for work until 3 to 10 days after delivery of the portable office space. In addition to the completed structures, many modular building companies offer exterior and interior accessories that will have your staff up and running immediately upon delivery, such as:

  1. OSHA, ADA/IBC and custom stairs, wheelchair ramps and walkways
  2. Skirting to protect the trailer from weather, animals and insects
  3. Security features, such as bars and screens, to prevent theft
  4. Canopies and awnings for rain and sun protection
  5. Partitions to divide the interior office space into work areas, storage and waiting/reception areas.
  6. Furniture, including tables, chairs, file cabinets and desks
  7. Customizable shelving
  8. Single, double, triple and six tier lockers
  9. Appliances, such as coffeemakers, refrigerators, microwaves and more
  10. Data and communication hookups that can be pre-wired before delivery
  11. Computer peripherals, such as printers and monitors
  12. Whiteboards, dry erase and magnetic boards
  13. Electrical and plumbing hookups
  14. HVAC service
  15. Landscaping and paving

Your staff can have everything they need on Day One to get started reviewing construction plans, holding team meetings, conducting training sessions, and staying productive.

Portable modular trailers are typically available in a wide variety of dimensions and square footage, with a variety of siding options, roofing materials, and wall and floor finishes.  They can be painted or sided on the exterior, and the interior floor plans can be configured to your specific requirements. Another major benefit is that they can be quickly reconfigured or even moved to a new location at minimal expense as your business needs change.

A portable office trailer can combine both architectural appeal and functionality while providing substantial savings in both cost and time. We recommend a visit to The Modular Building Institute’s website to see their recent Awards of Distinction for relocatable modular solutions. The contest judges modular building manufacturers, dealers, and product and service providers on architectural excellence, technical innovation and sustainability, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and time to completion. You can enjoy a wide selection of innovative modular projects there.