Portable Office Trailer

When you need a jobsite trailer or instant office space, what could be faster and easier than having a portable office trailer delivered right to your site?

In nearly every industry – construction, commercial, industrial, institutional, hospitality, healthcare, government – there is a need for more space from time to time, but budgets and deadlines can be tight. Portable trailers provide a quick solution at a fraction of the cost of any other option. They can be used anywhere you need temporary space, but can also be used as a long-term solution.

“Ready-to-roll” office trailers are ideal for:

  • Construction jobsite offices
  • Administrative offices
  • Mobile or temporary sales offices
  • Field offices or labs
  • Swing space
  • Security offices
  • Temporary teaching space
  • Training offices
  • Media centers
  • Lounges or dining facilities
  • Plant shutdowns
  • Special events

Factory-made modules are designed, engineered, fabricated and transported to your site for assembly to create the space you need in a very short time. Any required foundations and site preparation (e.g., utilities, if any) can be done while the modules are being built to save time and meet your occupancy deadlines.

Portable Office Trailer

Studies indicate that 80% of job-sites are not ready for work until 3 to 10 days after delivery of the portable office space. In addition to the completed structures, many modular building companies offer exterior and interior accessories that will have your staff up and running immediately upon delivery, such as:

  1. OSHA, ADA/IBC and custom stairs, wheelchair ramps and walkways
  2. Skirting to protect the trailer from weather, animals and insects
  3. Security features, such as bars and screens, to prevent theft
  4. Canopies and awnings for rain and sun protection
  5. Partitions to divide the interior office space into work areas, storage and waiting/reception areas.
  6. Furniture, including tables, chairs, file cabinets and desks
  7. Customizable shelving
  8. Single, double, triple and six tier lockers
  9. Appliances, such as coffeemakers, refrigerators, microwaves and more
  10. Data and communication hookups that can be pre-wired before delivery
  11. Computer peripherals, such as printers and monitors
  12. Whiteboards, dry erase and magnetic boards
  13. Electrical and plumbing hookups
  14. HVAC service
  15. Landscaping and paving

Your staff can have everything they need on Day One to get started reviewing construction plans, holding team meetings, conducting training sessions, and staying productive.

Portable modular trailers are typically available in a wide variety of dimensions and square footage, with a variety of siding options, roofing materials, and wall and floor finishes.  They can be painted or sided on the exterior, and the interior floor plans can be configured to your specific requirements. Another major benefit is that they can be quickly reconfigured or even moved to a new location at minimal expense as your business needs change.

A portable office trailer can combine both architectural appeal and functionality while providing substantial savings in both cost and time. We recommend a visit to The Modular Building Institute’s website to see their recent Awards of Distinction for relocatable modular solutions. The contest judges modular building manufacturers, dealers, and product and service providers on architectural excellence, technical innovation and sustainability, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and time to completion. You can enjoy a wide selection of innovative modular projects there.

New Modular Office Buildings – The Green Solution

Time is money, and constructing a conventional office building is time-consuming and expensive. For a sleek, efficient and cost-effective alternative, new modular office buildings could be exactly the greener, faster and smarter solution you need.

Thanks to 3D design software, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and mechanized quality control, modular construction now supports a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial uses, both permanent and relocatable. The American Institute of Architects, in fact, believes that permanent modular construction can revolutionize the construction industry.

Green Modular Office Buildings

Green Benefits

According to The Modular Building Institute (MBI), permanent modular construction is “an innovative, sustainable construction delivery method utilizing offsite, lean manufacturing techniques to prefabricate single or multi-story whole building solutions in deliverable module sections.”

This controlled modular building process results in a sustainable wood, steel or concrete structure that promotes energy, water and material efficiency, and creates a healthy, productive and comfortable indoor environment.  Here are a few of the other advantages:

  • Faster
    While the building site is being prepared, construction of the modular components is taking place at the same time in the factory. This offsite construction makes it possible to deliver a structure that is 80% to 90% complete to the building site, ready for assembly. With all of the work being done simultaneously, projects are often completed in 40% to 50% less time than a traditional construction project. Earlier occupancy boosts revenues.
  • Less Site Disruption & Waste
    With less work to do on the jobsite before the arrival of the nearly completed modular components, there is far less traffic on the site, fewer safety hazards, and far less construction noise from workers, equipment and suppliers. Offsite construction also reduces material waste. Materials undergo far greater control and protection in the factory environment, and construction delays caused by poor weather conditions are eliminated. And excess building materials can be reallocated to other projects instead of ending up in a landfill.
  • Disassemble & Reuse
    Most relocatable modular buildings will last about 20 years with proper maintenance, while those built to be permanent structures typically last at least 60 years.  When they have served their purpose, they can be disassembled and reused or recycled, maximizing your return on your investment.
  • Energy Efficient
    The factory fabrication of modular components means they will be tighter and more efficient. Ventilation and air infiltration are more easily controlled than in a conventional building. Leaks at windows and floor and wall joints are kept to a minimum by careful sealing and insulating in the factory before the walls are erected onsite.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality
    Tight sealing and insulation also improves the air quality of permanent modular building because infiltration by outdoor pollutants and moisture are minimized.  These factors have a dramatic impact on reducing HVAC and other building energy expenses.
  • Green Features
    Customers can enhance their modular offices with energy-efficient utilities, eco-friendly insulation and no-VOC or low-VOC interior wall and floor treatments to reduce the building’s environmental impact. High-performance products, such as dual pane windows, acrylic skylights, motion-controlled light fixtures, sealed lightweight concrete floors, and sprayed polyurethane roofs can be incorporation to help reduce the project’s carbon footprint. Modular buildings are an ideal way to comply with LEED® certification standards.

Architects and building owners are taking advantage of the flexibility, sustainability and savings (time and materials) that are inherent to new modular office buildings. We recommend a visit to the website of a modular building company such as Modular Genius for examples of innovative modular building projects.

Used Modular Office Buildings for Quick Deployment

When you need office space fast, don’t overlook the wide variety of used modular office buildings that can be deployed quickly without sacrificing aesthetics or durability. Most modular builders, such as Modular Genius, have pre-owned modular offices in stock in excellent condition and priced for significant savings.

Used models are usually available in a wide variety of dimensions, square footage of less than 1,000 square feet to more than 20,000 square feet, a variety of siding options, roofing materials, and wall and floor finishes.  They can be painted or sided on the exterior, and the interior floor plans can be reconfigured to meet your specific requirements. It’s often possible to move the doors and windows and add ADA-compliant ramps and steps, all at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

Used Modular Buildings

Benefits of Used Modular Buildings:

Questions to Ask:

Some companies offer their used modular buildings “as-is,” while others certify that their stock of used buildings has been thoroughly inspected and include a warranty on any repairs they made. Here are some other suggestions to make your purchase of used modular structures worry-free.

  1. Local building permits
    Be sure that your pre-owned modular office meets any required local building codes. Call the building department of your municipality to find out if a conditional use permit will be required for the structure before delivery day.
  2. Condition
    Carefully check the condition of the structures to see if they need to be repainted, repaired or renovated. If the modular buildings were properly maintained, they should continue to serve you for many years.
  3. Warranty
    Does the seller offer any kind of warranty? Before you buy, it’s important to know if the modules have been inspected for weather tightness, structural integrity, mechanical HVAC operation, and electrical and plumbing compliance.
  4. Cost
    You may be able to realize savings up to 10% to 40% off of labor and materials because the underlying structures are being recycled and reused. If your business has a flexible budget, weigh the prices of used modules against those of new modular buildings. Although you may have to wait longer and pay more, you will be able to get exactly what you want with a better warranty.
  5. Delivery/Setup
    Will the seller deliver the modular structures to your site and set them up for you (and is this included in the price), or will you be expected to move and set up everything yourself? Is there already a foundation on the construction site for the structures, or does this need to be done before your used modules can be delivered? Many modular manufacturers can take care of site preparation for you.

If you are thinking that all modular buildings look like boring construction-site trailers, we recommend taking a look at the Modular Building Institute’s 2014 Awards of Distinction to see the creativity and innovation in the world of modular buildings today.

Used modular office buildings can get your business up and running quickly and help you generate revenue far sooner than if you wait for new construction. Modular offices are a fast, eco-friendly solution when you need extra space for a jobsite / construction office, real estate office, law office, school administration office, medical office, dental clinic, veterinarian clinic, security office, or any other permanent or temporary office you can imagine.